Vivaldi goes Hungarian

February 2008; Novella Kiado, a publishing company based in Budapest, Hungary, has bought the Hungarian translation rights for ‘Hidden Harmonies: The Secret Life of Antonio Vivaldi’ by author André Romijn. The Hungarian translation ‘Antonio Vivaldi titkos élete’ with subtitle ‘A pap, a szeretö, a zeneszerzö’ will be released October 2008.
Books about the lives of great artists, especially painters and musicians have always been popular in Hungary. Vivaldi and his Four Seasons are emblematic, and famous Hungarian conductors are challenged by his music. Hungary has its own Vivaldi Chamber Music Orchestra. The last book in Hungary about this famous composer came out in 1982. ‘Antonio Vivaldi titkos élete’ is a superb romantic novel, which brings Antonio Vivaldi and his contemporaries back to life again.
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